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Online plaster is an official partner of the brand Gesso established in 1925. Therefore you have all of Gesso's reliability and trust warranty. We offer 2 means of payment:

The safe PayPal payment: Safe and fast. Takes most credit cards. PayPal is a simple an safe way to pay online since 1998. You can pay online without giving any financial information during the transfer. You can proceed to your purchase with you e-mail adress and PayPal password only. Entering personal information (such as you banking information) on a Website could always be unsafe in case someone else manages to acces it fraudulently. The easiest way to pretect yourself from any identity usurpation is to not give away any personal information. When you go throught Paypal, you don't give any information to pay, you only give it to PayPal avoiding any insecurity.

The bank transfer payment: Once done with your purchase and your cart checked out you can simply transfer your payment on the account numbere that is given to you confirming the amount and references of your order. With this payment mean, the transaction process can last few days.