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Plaster mouldings for creating paneling and cymas.

These products are made out of stronger plaster for

a better resistance to scratches.

Plaster paneling for walls


  • Picture rail
  • Lambris MIRWART

    MIRWART paneling consists of a range of moldings and ornaments to create frames integrated into the wall plaster. Unlike "applied" paneling mouldings, MIRWART has a real paneling effect as can be found in prestigious "boiserie" with the advantage of adapting easily to all the dimensions of a room.

  • Lambris FITCH

    FITCH is a paneling that makes it easy to create base moldings with a central relief. A prefabricated central panel is applied inside the frames, which accentuates the decorative effect.

  • Chambranles
  • Baseboards

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